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3 Cup Bundle

3 Cup Bundle

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3 Cup Bundle
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  • Reusable

    Better for the environment & Save Money

  • Keep Cool

    Keeps contents cold for up to 10 hours!

  • Stay Hot

    Keeps contents cold for up to 6 hours!

  • Cup Holder Friendly

    Equiballs travel cup will fit in your car cup holders

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Take Your Treatment Anywhere

Equiball Travel cup makes it safe for you to transport your Equiball whilst maintaining its temperature.

Multi Use Lid

The Equiball travel cup lid is multi use.

It can be used for regular drinking or via a secure straw hole.

With its secure lid it makes it easier and safer to disperse hot water after hearing up your Equiball.


How do I make the Equiball cold?

The Equiball (removed from the casing) can be placed into the fridge or freezer depending on level of cryotherapy required. We recommend for 2+ hours.

The ball can also be placed into cold water if a fridge or freezer are not available.

How do I heat up the Equiball?

The Equiball (removed from its casing) can be placed into the Equiball travel cup and submerged in hot water via a kettle or hot tap for 10-15 minutes to make it warm and then returned into its casing.

Please ensure you dont overheat the ball and test on your own skin before using on your horse.

How do I clean the Equiball?

Remove the ball from the casing and wash in warm soapy water.