• Pain Relief

  • Recover After Riding

  • Enhance Performance

For Rider

Equiball provides all the benefits of a traditional self myo-fascial release in combination with cryotherapy or heat therapy. 

It will reduce inflammation, pain and swelling and the benefits can be felt instantly. These forms of therapy allows specific treatment on any area of the body.

Using the Equiball can increase the bodies recovery rate after riding or the general day to day activities of looking after your horse.

FREE carry case is included so that the Equiball can be transported with you wherever you go. 

Equiball Rider Benefits


By placing the Equiball into the freezer for 2+ hours it will become extremely low in temperature enabling its use for Cryotherapy. The ball will then stay cold for up to 6 hours. 

Cryotherapy has proven benefits for pain relief, expediting the healing process by fusing ancient wisdom with the latest technology.

Think of cryotherapy as an extreme ice pack, flushing fluid and cellular waste from injured tissue, soothing the skin and muscles, increasing regenerative circulation and range of motion, and beyond!

Heat Treatment

By placing the Equiball in to hot water the ball will increase in temperate so it can then be used to provide heat therapy.

Heat massage can be used to promote blood flow and circulation, increase flexibility and help relax tight and sore areas. 


The Equiball can be used to massage areas of the body. The ball has complete 360 degree rotation in its holder for a limitless massage experience. 

Skin Care

The Equiball can be used for facial skin care. By applying the ball to your face it provides a cold shock to the skin which then sends fresher blood to the area. This blood carries more oxygen and nutrients which flush away toxins and reduces water retention.

This helps the skin to feel tighter, more refreshed and also helps to reduce skin wrinkles.