• Treat Injuries

  • Recover After Exercise

  • Muscle Relaxation

Equiball can be used as a massage device anytime, anywhere but it can also be used for Cryotherapy by cooling it down or Heat Therapy by heating it up.

When used as a cryotherapy technique this also allows Equiball to be used as a cold compress for when you’re in those remote location, out and about which may not have access to running water.

Equiball can be used as a therapeutic aid for all horses, pre/post exercise, or a simple relaxation tool.

How can massage benefit your horse?

Relaxation of muscles & stress relief

Increase blood flow & circulation

Improve muscle tone & posture

Injury prevention & aid recovery

Not advised by be used on pregnant mares or horses with current infections, check with your vet.

Equiball Horse Benefits


By placing the Equiball into the freezer for 2+ hours it will become extremely low in temperature enabling its use for Cryotherapy. The ball will then stay cold for up to 6 hours. 

Cryotherapy has proven benefits for pain relief, expediting the healing process by fusing ancient wisdom with the latest technology.

Think of cryotherapy as an extreme ice pack, flushing fluid and cellular waste from injured tissue, reducing inflamation, soothing the skin and muscles, increasing regenerative circulation and range of motion, and beyond!

Heat Treatment

By placing the Equiball in to hot water the ball will increase in temperature so it can then be used to provide heat therapy.

Heat massage can be used to promote blood flow and circulation, increase flexibility and help relax your horses tight and sore areas. 


The Equiball can be used to massage areas of your horse. The ball has complete 360 degree rotation in its holder for a limitless massage experience. 

Massage can be used to maintain your horses health and wellbeing by providing muscle relaxation, stress relief, improving muscle tone, posture and mobility.

Massage also plays a fundimental part in the prevention of and recovery from injuries.

Stress Relief

The Equiball can be used for stress relief. By massaging your horse it will provide them with relaxation and stress relief.